For enquiries about the Pairs League please contact Viv Hall

2020 Pairs League


Dress Code:  Casual 


Three Bowls each player.

No trial ends, play 14 ends.

Toss a coin to decide who starts the first end.  The same lead who wins the toss will handle the mat throughout the game, although his/her skip will need to remove the mat when the end has finished.  In order to avoid contamination, it is suggested that the lead picks the mat up by the end of the mat and his/her skip picks it up in the middle of the mat. 

Two jacks will be used and will be straightened with the foot and not touched by either skip.  

As only one lead will be handling the mat, if that team loses an end, the opposition lead will tell him/her where to place the mat on the following end, and the opposition skip will choose where to place the jack, and will do so with his foot.

No visiting the head.

On completion of the end one of the skips shall kick the jack onto an adjoining empty rink. The skip of the lead placing the mat shall remove the mat and put it on the bank or adjoining rink. 

Bowls must only be touched or moved by the owner of the bowls. 

Bowls can be chalked, but only with spray chalk

Leads should use their own measure and not touch the jack or bowls when measuring.

In line with Bowls England guidelines, no pushers or score boards will be used.


Recording the score

Skips will record the score. 

3 score cards will be given to each team before the beginning of each session of three games.  These are to be used for the three games. 


Spectators are allowed one per player and must be booked in on the booking sheet on the day they are attending; there is an area highlighted of where to insert their names.  Spectators must bring their own chair and sit on the opposite side of the green to where the players are playing to and from.  They also must sit 2 metres apart unless from the same household.

Result of game:

The winning pair will ensure the score is messaged to Viv, giving the score for both teams ( or 07855298877).  This must be done as soon as possible after the game.    Please keep the score card as a record.  If you wish, you can photograph the card and send it to Viv. 

Points will be awarded as follows:


Winning pair:  3 points

Draw: 2 points

Losing pair  1 point

At all times please abide by the social distancing rule of 2 metres and all the current guidelines that are displayed at the club and listed on the website. 

Re-draw of teams after three games

Instead of an actual re-draw, the top of the league pair will play with the bottom of the league pair, i.e. the top skip with the bottom lead and the top lead with the bottom skip.  This means no-one will play with the same person as in the previous three games.

It will not be possible to sort this out until after the third game has been played, but it will be done as soon as possible so that you all know who you are playing with and when you are all playing the following week.

Pairs League Table